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Mini-bus 24 Passenger Transportation Service

Your 24 Passenger Mini-Bus Awaits

Enjoy the superb ride in your 24-passenger Mini-Bus. Sit back and leave the driving to us. Your Mini-Bus seats up to 20 in absolute comfort with ample leg-room. If you need child seats just ask when you book your transportation. Lots of luggage? No problem.

Ford Mini-Bus Black Limo Rental New Orleans

Our driver Anthony was amazing. The service and his expertise on NOLA food recommendations were

On Time and Professional. Top New Orleans chauffeur! The driver arrived several minutes before our appointed time and the drive was very smooth. I was able to relax and get some work done. The car was immaculate.

Mini-bus 24 Passenger Transportation Service

Enjoy the superb ride in your 24-passenger Mini-Bus. Traveling with large groups of people can be stressful, and hectic, and requires a lot of planning in advance. Let us ease your stress with luxurious and safe transportation for wherever you need to go in New Orleans. From sporting events to corporate matters, Truth Limousine is prepared to escort you comfortably, exclusively, and smoothly to your desired destination. 

Luxury Minibus Passenger Capacity

Your Mini-Bus seats up to. 24 in absolute comfort with ample legroom. With adjustable armrests in all rows of seating, the luxury minibusses are ready to escort you in style and ease to wherever you need to go in the Big Easy. Enjoy extensive legroom space in each row of seating as well as a large amount of cargo space. We strive to make sure our clients ride safely, smoothly, and luxuriously when they ride with Truth Limousine. If you have any further questions about luxury vehicle features or interior design, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Luxury Minibus Car Features and Design

This luxury 24-passenger minibus is equipped with onboard 4G Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, amplified surround sound, and many more innovative technological features. Overhead storage is available for luggage and other cargo as well. For night trips or extra lighting, overhead lamps are available for each passenger. With extensive cargo space, ample legroom, and a luxurious interior design, the 24-passenger minibus is the perfect luxury vehicle for medium-sized group transportation.

Explore the City of New Orleans

So, what are you waiting for? Get your crew together and enjoy a beautiful adventure in one of America’s most unique cities. We are more than just a transportation service. We are your personal concierge, chauffeur, and tour guide. Check out the city of New Orleans tours we offer as well! Our drivers are happy to show you around our favorite city with a variety of tours that showcase the beauty of the Big Easy. Whether you have a custom itinerary or are looking for some good local suggestions, we’ve got you covered. Our drivers have lived in New Orleans for a multitude of years and are more than happy to offer restaurant suggestions, special New Orleans events, popular tourist locations, or anything else you are curious about. Feel safe, comfortable, and secure cruising around New Orleans in our luxurious 24-passenger minibus.

Passenger Security and Safety

Traveling with small children, toddlers, or infants? We got you covered! If you need child seats or boosters just ask when you book your transportation. Simply select the child seating option when booking a ride with us online. Passenger safety is our number one priority when you ride with Truth Limousine. To ensure passenger safety and security throughout the entire duration of the transportation service, drivers are trained and vetted to specifically drive the vehicles Truth Limousine owns and operates. Passengers should remain seated with their seatbelts on for the duration of the ride. Drivers will check to make sure all luggage and cargo are secure before driving to avoid any danger regarding heavy or large baggage. In addition to driver training and safety checks, our luxury minibuses are equipped with innovative high-tech to ensure our passengers are safe at all times. Roadside assistance, pre-collision assistance, and pedestrian detection are all modern technological features included in the luxury minibus to reach the highest level of passenger safety possible.

Luxury Minibus Luggage Space

Are you traveling with lots of luggage? No problem. The Luxury minibus is equipped with extensive storage space for luggage, equipment, and any other kind of cargo. Passengers with oversized luggage will have more than enough space to fit the baggage safely and securely in our 24-passenger minibus. If you are traveling with a large group of people with oversized luggage, the 24-passenger minibus is the perfect luxury vehicle for you. 

The Big Easy awaits, sit back, relax, and leave the driving to us. When you ride with Truth you will get the luxurious VIP treatment you deserve for your special occasion. Whether it be the next big sporting game, a corporate conference, or just an exciting night out in the city with your friends, the luxury minibus will escort you luxuriously and safely to any destination you wish to go.