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Mini-Bus 20 Limousine Rental

Mini-bus Transportation Service New Orleans

Looking for a smooth ride that seats up to 20 passengers? Book our sleek and luxurious minibus, seating up to 20 people for an unforgettable adventure. Cruise around New Orleans in style with your closest friends and family for your next special event! Experience all that the gorgeous and unique city of New Orleans has to offer while enjoying a comfortable and exciting ride in one of our luxurious minibuses.

Luxury Minibus For Up To 20 Passengers

Prepare for your next arrival to be as luxurious as possible and plan ahead by booking one of our minibusses for your next big sporting game, reservation, celebration, or any other kind of special event. Let your luxurious journey in New Orleans starts with a comfortable and smooth ride to wherever your desired destination is. Truth Limousine is prepared to take care of you and your crew every step of the way. Travel in style anywhere in New Orleans with an ample amount of storage space for luggage, equipment, and other cargo. Ease the stress of traveling with large groups and travel safely and comfortably in one of Truth Limousine’s luxurious minibusses. Whether it be a corporate conference, a special night out, or traveling for a sports game, Truth Limousine is here to elevate your travel experience to the highest level of quality.

Luxury Minibus Features and Design

Designed with innovative modern technology, our Luxury Minibuses is equipped with a power-operated side door, multiple power outlets throughout the luxury vehicle, and onboard 4G Wi-Fi. Passengers can access Wi-Fi and the internet at any moment during the ride. Designed to reach maximum comfortability and convenience, armrests can be repositioned in any row of seating. Enjoy extensive legroom space in each row of seating as well as a large amount of cargo space. We strive to make sure our clients ride safely, smoothly, and luxuriously when they ride with Truth Limousine. If you have any further questions about luxury vehicle features or interior design, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Passenger Safety and Privacy

Passenger safety and privacy are of the utmost importance to Truth Limousine and we are here to take care of your every step of the way. When traveling with large amounts of cargo such as luggage and heavy equipment, Truth Limousine is prepared to check your safety and security throughout the entire duration of the ride. Luxury vehicle drivers will check to make sure all luggage and cargo are locked in place before driving. Passengers should remain seated with their seatbelts on for the duration of our transportation service to ensure passenger safety and security.

Child Passenger Safety

Traveling with an infant, toddler, or small child? Let us know in advance! We are more than happy to provide boosters and other child car seating arrangements prior to your ride. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions regarding New Orleans vehicle and passenger safety, or any other questions you may have.

Explore New Orleans

Take a luxurious ride for your next get-together and enjoy the wonderful Big Easy. From historical landmarks to mouthwatering local restaurants to being the voodoo capital of the nation, New Orleans is not a city to explore in just a couple of hours. Discover the beautiful New Orleans-style architecture and infrastructure through the Garden District and take a deep dive into the rich culture of the French Quarter. The city of New Orleans is yours to enjoy in style when you ride luxuriously with Truth Limousine.

From airport transportation to concierge services to drivers for a fun night out in the city, Truth Limousine is prepared to escort you through a luxurious experience when you ride with us. Skip the stress and ride comfortably to your next flight, trip, event, or reservation! See all that New Orleans has to offer with Truth Limousine, while traveling safely, comfortably, and luxuriously.