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Chevy Van Limousine Rental

Chevy Van (11 Passengers)

Is your crew looking for a lift? The Chevy Van is the perfect vehicle for you. Seating up to 11 passengers, the Chevrolet Van is prepared to take you and your crew anywhere anytime. Get around New Orleans with ease and style while you travel together safely and efficiently. Take advantage of The Chevy Van’s spacious interior design, allowing you to store bulky and heavy equipment easily and effectively. Simplify your job with convenient equipment transportation, as well as safe and comfortable passenger travel with Truth Limousine’s Chevrolet Express Van.

Large Equipment Transportation

Traveling with large amounts of equipment can be complicated and a burden. Let us take away the stress of carrying equipment long distances and book one of our spacious Chevrolet Express Vans. Even if you are looking for a short point-to-point transfer, drive safely and effectively with Truth Limousine. New Orleans can be a hectic and hazardous city to drive around in. Truth Limousine is prepared to escort your crew and equipment safely and comfortably no matter where the desired destination may be.

The Chevrolet Express Van Versatility

Transporting equipment for construction, engineering, or any other job can be stressful and dangerous. Skip the potential damage of transporting equipment in cars without a spacious interior and use our Chevrolet Express Van designed for efficient and luxurious transportation. Are you looking to get your team and crew safely and comfortably to their desired destination in New Orleans? Get the job done in style with Truth Limousine’s Chevrolet Express Van. No matter the occasion, you deserve to arrive safely, comfortably, and on time anywhere you need to go.

Luxury Chevrolet Vehicle Features

Equipped with reflective sound insulation, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless technology, the Luxury Chevy Express Passenger Van is perfect for those who require internet access during transportation services. The Luxury Chevrolet Express Passenger Van features modern technology that enhances passenger entertainment and safety. This luxury vehicle is also equipped with roadside assistance, auto crash response, automatic headlights, and a backup camera. With four rows of comfortable and climate-controlled seating, the Chevy Van seats up to 12 passengers including the driver. The front seating has heated seats, and all four rows have ventilation access for air conditioning and heat. Drive safely, comfortably, and efficiently to your next event, job, or occasion with the Luxury Chevrolet Express Passenger Van.

Luxury Vehicle Comparison

Deciding between the Mercedes Benz Luxury Sprinter Van and the Luxury Chevrolet Express Passenger? Here’s a direct comparison of the two luxury vehicles to provide more information. Both luxury vehicles are great choices for large parties traveling with a large amount of luggage. However, there are a few differences between the two luxury vehicles regarding modern technology and interior design. The Chevrolet Express holds Bluetooth audio but does not have in-car wifi, while the Mercedes Benz Luxury Sprinter Van has in-car wifi but does not allow Bluetooth audio connection. Regarding the interior design, The Mercedes Benz Luxury Sprinter Van contains leather seating while the Express Passenger contains vinyl. Armrests are only removable in the second and third rows of the Mercedez Benz Luxury Sprinter. Both luxury vehicles contain bucket row first seating and bench seating in the remaining rows. We are happy to provide more information upon request!

Passenger Safety and Privacy

Passenger safety and privacy are of the utmost importance to Truth Limousine and we are here to take care of your every step of the way. When traveling with large amounts of cargo such as luggage and heavy equipment, Truth Limousine is prepared to check your safety and security throughout the entire duration of the ride. Luxury vehicle drivers will check to make sure all luggage and cargo are locked in place before driving. Traveling with an infant, toddler, or small child? Let us know in advance! We are more than happy to provide boosters and other child car seating arrangements prior to your ride. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions regarding New Orleans vehicle and passenger safety, or any other questions you may have.

Take your transportation service to the next level with Truth Limousine. Travel safely and arrive on time in style with any of our luxury vehicles. No matter your travel group size or dynamic travel needs, Truth Limousine is prepared to take the stress of travel away with smooth, comfortable, and luxurious transportation in New Orleans.